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  • Pajooh
    Yo dude, quick question, do you know a good source for HCG? Preferably one with easy ordering IE credit card and ships relatively quickly? One of EA's staff members was kind of a dick to me so I'm not ordering from them anymore. I have a few sources already but don't know if it's legit cause there is a bunch of bunk HCG out there.
    June 2017
  • nattynutcracker
    Whats up bro just wanted your personal opinion on my next cutting cycle! Im gonna be doing 20mgs RAD and 75mg S4 w/ 20mgs MK677 but am really interested in doing some DNP. Im gonna use your new source when some lower dose caps become available! But my major question is if i ran a low dose like 200mgs should I also stack it with T3 and Clen? or would just a higher dose of DNP do the trick with less sides? Lemme know what you think brotha or if you can direct me to a thread with more info on the subject!
    March 2017
  • buddyc4
    hey bro do you have contest experience? Or dealt with prepping athletes?
    March 2017
  • sumbannedguy
    Yea strange indeed, maybe my laptop has been hacked?

    I cleared my cache and reentered the forum link and I got the following message: "Server not found."

    No matter how I enter the forum name, I can't pull up the forum on my laptop? The first couple of times I visited this forum I was okay using my laptop, but the last few days I couldn't access the forum. Unless I use my phone, which I am doing now.

    I do have adblock, but the forum doesn't have adds that I know of, so?

    I also didn't get your message in my inbox, but rather got your message when I clicked on your forum name?

    To complicate matters, my new email account I used to register on the forum has been blocked by Outlook. The reason was they say a lot of junk mail has been generated via my account? I have no clue how or why this could happen? As I don't even know how to do that, nor have any reason to do so?

    All my bookmarks R on my laptop, so SOL posting via my laptop. Using a phone to post on the forum is time consuming
    March 2017
  • sumbannedguy
    Sumguy here, I have been unable to find the forum online while using my laptop. But using my Android phone, which I am doing now, I don't have a problem. Any idea why this is so?

    I had no problems finding the forum on my laptop previously until today. So kind of perplexed as to why I can't find the forum when I put the forum name into the search box?

    March 2017
    • JiuJitsu500
      Sum - BANNED - guy lol....

      That's weird man, I haven't ran into the issue. Try just bookmarking it, if you have Android and a PC or Mac (or linux, solaris, etc.) with Chrome or Chromium and you bookmark from one place and are signed in to google, it should pop up as shared on your other Chrome/Chromium installs. I do that for Chrome, Chromium, and Safari.

      You seem to have the strangest issues too brother, I honestly don't really know what to tell you :(
  • nico
    Hi bro,
    Please send me when you have time some links to buy gears in europe or any company that ships to switzerland.
    My list- ephedrine or ECA. Clen. T3 and some Test.
    I just receive DNP from EA.EUROPE If you have better source, i take.
    Thanks you.
    March 2017
    • JiuJitsu500
      Pm'd you - I'll get a list for you to look around at.
  • ArrozBasmati
    HI, I want to help in the forum, I am from Spain, I have seen the list of sources that exist but in Europe it is different, since customs is always stalking.
    For now I have bought only ostarine, I have taken the EA, and I know how it works and its effects.
    There are two sources that I have tried, works and has competitive prices.

    Dr-x, it's the first one, I've been wondering, look for info, but I did not find anything, so I took the risk and bought it, It arrived quickly, in powder form, with a small spoon. (Web: paid via paypal.

    The other is one that is named in the forum in the list of sources, is Immortal Science, purchased from a UK website (
    , Discreet package and very very very fast, are 120 caps of 10mg. The price in euros is 30 by 1.2grams.

    I hope this helps people who start now, and it is easier to get sarms.
    Any questions, let me know, I want to help in this forum.
    (sorry for my english)
    March 2017
    • JiuJitsu500
      Man, that is actually a great help - some guys were asking about DR-X and Immortal Science. If you could do a favor and post that info up in the source talk for SARMs that would be great!

      No worries about your English either brother, this is a world wide forum that happens to be based in the US, so of course English will be primary but I've been around the world and have adapted pretty well to understanding people with VERY limited abilities (one of my best friends is from Gujarat, India and I helped him learn English).

      Peace brother!
  • JiuJitsu500 joined.
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    February 2017