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  • JT333
    Hey bro!! just checkin in to see whats been going on? hows the Challenger? all fixed? Puttin off stuff on camaro as i've been fixing my work truck to keep her in garage. mainly head work and possibly some tranny stuff now. small leaks. pissin me off honestly but i like doing something different then just gym all the time. need a little break with all the kidney bs. just got back from Disney for a long wknd with wife/daughter. ate a shit ton but still around 245lbs. gonna kill it once this damn cardio piece comes in. hit me up when you can. god bless and keep swole!!!
    April 2017
    • RoRo
      Hey glad to see you're still out there livin it up hitting Disney and stuff. I thought you were all sad in a corner or something dealing with this kidney thing but I guess not lol. Dude I can not deal with head gaskets and tranny stuff that's too much work makes the gym like a walk in the park. My Hellcat was doing well ....... until I took it up to 175 mph and all the work blew off. I got so pissed at this body shop it's my lady's brother so I was being nice but I just got my money back. I went to the best shop out here now and in the parking lot was all lambos and porsche and shit so I was feeling better right away. They sent me all the stuff that the other body shop did wrong and they say I should have my car back this Friday so fingers crossed for this fiasco to be over.