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no no else had any issues with Windows.... you are going to Can you clear your cache?


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  • bktrinity
    hope all is well.. question.. will you guys have G2G DNP avaliable soon ? thanks BTW I have ordered from you guys in the past
    January 16
  • Pajooh
    Will you guys be carrying HCG? I need to find a good source for HCG please. Thanks man.
    June 2017
  • sumbannedguy
    Thanks, I cleared my cache and entered the link as you typed it. And I got the following message: "Server not found."

    No matter how I enter the forum name, I can't find or pull up the forum on my laptop? There are other similar forum names and companies, but not your forum? The first couple of times I visited your forum I was okay using my laptop, but the last few days I couldn't access the forum. Unless I use my phone, which I am doing now.

    I do have adblock, but your forum doesn't have adds that I know of, so?

    I also didn't get your message in my inbox, but rather got your message when I clicked on your forum name?

    And to complicate matters, my new email account I registered with on the forum has been blocked by Outlook. The reason they gave was that they say a lot of junk mail has been generated via my account?
    I have no clue how or why this could happen? As I don't even know how to do that, nor have any reason to do so?

    My phone is the only way I can access the forum.
    March 2017
  • no no else had any issues with Windows.... you are going to

    Can you clear your cache?
    March 2017
  • sumbannedguy
    Hey sumguy here:

    I can get to the forum on my Android phone using Chrome. But I can't access or find the forum on my Windows PC? I have no clue why that is, got any ideas?

    March 2017
  • sumbannedguy
    Hey Serleejus can you consider adding a TRT sub forum? :)

    Thanks, sumguy
    February 2017
    • Serleejus
      Yes, that's a great Idea! Thank you
    • Serleejus
      Done! Thank you